To create an estimate, I consider the length of your document and the kind of editing required. For an estimate, please email me a sample of your document and we can discuss your editing needs. I can provide:

Proofreading and copy editing – spelling, grammar and citation corrections; feedback to clarify language or to improve basic structure.

Substantive and stylistic editing – line-by-line copy editing and feedback toward clarifying overall meaning; eliminating redundancy and repetition; feedback on style and on structural problems, including gaps in content or problems with the flow or consistency of analysis.

Research and Writing

Research and writing estimates depend upon the nature of your project, including its length and complexity. Please provide clear details about your research questions, your project scope and your technical needs. For an estimate, please email me a description of your project at elina @ elinahill.com or fill out the form on the contact page.

A 25% deposit may be required for first time clients.

Confidentiality is always a priority.