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How to Edit and Improve Your Writing

Easy reading is damn hard writing.¬†~ Nathaniel Hawthorne Even the best of writers work hard to write well. Rarely does good writing just flow out of us. Instead, we must trim, mend and craft our words, our sentences and our paragraphs. The first step is to create a draft. Next, you can move on to … Continue reading

Tips to get you writing!

Deadlines. Dreadful, looming, painful, beautiful, productive deadlines. Love them or hate them, we often need them to get things done. In a world where I make my own, deadlines can be challenging. I find it tempting to waste time, for instance, looking up the etymology of a word like ‘deadline’ – and then worrying whether … Continue reading

Concept Mapping

I’ve valued concept maps (also known as mind maps or writing webs) as a writing and teaching tool for many years. Read on to learn how to use concept maps for writing, editing, project planning and teaching. What are concept maps? Concept maps are visual representations of linked thought. A key topic is written first, … Continue reading