Garibaldi 2012 133I want to extend my appreciation for a job well done. Your professional editing services were exceptional and I hope to call on you again in the future.”
~ Dr. E. Arries (University of Saskatoon)
“Thank you for working so quickly to provide honest and critical feedback. Your edits helped me improve my thesis and get it done on time.”
Lianne Charlie, MA (University of Victoria)
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! for all your help on editing the facilitator’s handbook and online course module. I was finally able to finish all of the edits over the past week or so, and wanted to tell you that your insight and suggestions are invaluable. They enhanced the two projects so much. Thank you again!”

“I was impressed with the thoroughness of Elina’s editing services! With a tight turn-around time, she managed to go through my thesis with a fine-toothed comb and make excellent suggestions.”

~ S. Williams MEd student (University of British Columbia)
“I really enjoyed re-reading my dissertation with the edits; I think that your suggestions and your work have made a big improvement, while still maintaining my voice and style of writing (which I appreciate)…Thanks again for all your help.”
“I have worked with Elina a number of times. In addition to improvements on mechanics and grammar, I really appreciated her attention to detail, such as pointing out the need for improved transitions, and noting where paragraphs did not flow well.  I also enjoyed reading Elina’s encouraging feedback throughout; her thoughtful remarks telling me where things read smoothly really kept me going and helped me to know I was on the right track.  Since working with Elina, I have noticed an improvement in my own writing, as she draws my attention to mistakes or phrasing that distract the reader.
~ Dr. J. McCabe (University of Saskatoon)
“Elina, I have just settled in to do the revisions that you suggested. You have done a terrific job!”
~ Dr. L. Berry (University of Saskatoon)
“I’m so grateful to you for your work and honesty. I’m so happy to receive my work before the due date. Thank you very much!”
~ E.A.A., MA (University of Ottawa)
“I really like your work and as I continue on to my PhD you are going to be my right hand on editing and proof reading.”
~ E. Basa, MA (University of Ottawa)